LUCY - I just want to say a massive thank you Lucy. You are bloody amazing!!! Not only have you helped me get through this pregnancy during a world pandemic and lockdown but you also educated me so well about birth and gave me the tools to believe in myself. My first baby took 36 hours and ended up foreceps. I didn’t want this type of delivery again.


I gave birth to our baby girl on Thursday. I had it all planned..... breathing techniques, positioning, water pool etc but it was a huge whirl wind of an arrival (in a huge positive way) My contractions started at 9am while walking on the beach with my 3 year old. We got home and I pottered around the house, put fresh bedding on etc but then all of a sudden they ramped up massively and by 12pm I felt like i needed to push. It took me half an hour/40 mins for my husband to help me to the car. All I remember is roaring like a lion with every contraction. My husband did so well on that drive and got us to the hospital just in time. The midwifes came out and got me in like a shot and 16 minutes later she was born. Any longer and she would have been born in the car. Although it’s not what I had planned I am also pleased it happened the way it did. All done within 4 hours 45 minutes and I feel so proud of myself, no pain relief and kept thinking of everything I learned from you which helped get me through. I will always be grateful for this so a very big thank you, you’re amazing. Don’t stop what you're doing  xxx



Hi Lucy, just want to send you little message and say thank you so much for your page!! Your Flow Downs and constant positive messages have been such a big help in this first pregnancy...especially during Covid with cancelled antenatal classes!! 


Frustrating we were booked for induction at our 40wk appointment beginning of the week for yesterday 2pm (our actual 41wk point). We were hoping to go a little longer as this week has been on/off starts but no such luck. I had planned for natural upright and active birth from the beginning and was concerned the amount of interference and monitoring would affect this plan. With my birthing ball exercises, walking around, your birthing positions and a tens machine.. we have our beautiful baby boy!! One pessary was administered at 4.30pm with 1.5cm dilation and though I felt panicville setting in at the beginning I was able to keep active and our waters broke naturally at 12.15am. We were 7cm by 1am, delivered upright by 2.32am! 9lb 2 &1/2oz


Thank you so much for your positive page and all you do to support us, especially us First Time Moms!!



Hi Lucy, I wanted to thank you for the support through my pregnancy. I had a successful VBAC on Saturday and welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby girl. 


Unfortunately I laboured on my own for three hours before my husband was allowed to in the hospital. I don’t think I could have got through it without those invaluable breathing techniques. By the time I was in the Labour ward I was 6cm dilated, so proud of myself. I even got to labour in the birthing pool for a few hours, before getting out to give birth. This was a dream! Although I ended up with an episiotomy due to the cord around her neck and acting like a bungee rope pulling baby back after I pushed... it was a wonderful experience and I managed it with breathing, positive thoughts, gas and air and the support of my husband. We both learnt so much about birth from you, thank you. Such an improvement on my first birth which ended in a c section under GA and left me terrified or giving birth again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Hi Lucy


My beautiful second daughter, Abigail arrived on Sunday afternoon, just under 3 weeks early - all plans for a restful start to my maternity leave prior to arrival went out the window after only 12 hours!


It became apparent after 34 hours that neither of us were doing well and an abdominal birth now became the plan -a contingency that neither myself nor my husband had considered this time round. How and ever, Abi is here and we are both well.

I started your flows at around 23 weeks (not having really practiced in some years) and found they gave me things I never had during my first pregnancy - restful nights of good quality sleep and energy during the day. Stretches and breathing techniques kept me focused as my labour began and absolutely contributed to my head staying in a very level place when the plans for a 'normal' birth were changed in a matter of minutes into a emergency procedure - I think I will always remember telling my husband to take slow deep breaths and not to worry as I laid on the table!


We'll be going home today for a good rest and I'll be back on my yoga mat before Christmas - a practice I'll definitely be keeping up.


Thanks again, Aisleen



Hey Lucy


I just want to say thank you! I signed up to your yoga course at 33 weeks and did a flow pretty much every day, sometimes twice. Loved it! I’ve always been fit and had been doing more intense exercise up until that point but could tell my body needed something gentler. Had never really got into yoga before, despite trying many times, but found your classes really enjoyable and could feel the benefit. I also did some Hypnobirthing and was determined not to have a repeat of my first birth which was incredibly traumatic and left me physically (and mentally) scarred! 


With covid we decided on a home birth and I’m pleased to say it worked. My contractions started at 4:30am, I stayed in bed and breathed through them listening to a Hypnobirthing mp3 until 6 when I went downstairs, got my yoga mat out and found “wagging the tail” helped. My body knew exactly what to do and Molly was born at 8:27, on my yoga mat (the pool wasn’t ready!) So thank you! Your yoga and flow downs helped me


Have the birth I wanted and il never forget how magical and calm it was. Goes without saying I was NOT on my back and remained upright which worked so well. 👍🏻 xx


Thanks again. I have already recommend your course to several friends and will continue to do so. Fab!


Clare xx


Lucy - I just wanted to say a huge thank you! With the help from your flow downs and yoga I was filled with confidence to birth my baby! After being diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis on saturday at 38 weeks it was necessary to get him out at the earliest point possible. I was worried about being induced but I understood the steps and felt confident thanks to your platform! I was booked in to be induced on sunday 13th, they examined me to find out I was already 2cm dilated, they managed to slot me in for my waters to be broken at Midnight and my little boy was born by 04:39 by just using my breathing and gas and air! I never thought I wouldve been able to do it with just gas and air, even my husband was shocked. Now I'm getting excited for your post partum classes that's coming at the perfect time! 


Thankyou again for educating me, in a time where no one else could! 🥰



Hey Lucy, just wanted to say thank you for all your weekly flow downs over lockdown and beyond, Monday morning really was by favourite part of the week. I joined your members hub and practised yoga, my breathing and hypnobirthing throughout my pregnancy and last week on the 2nd September we welcomed our 2nd baby into the world, very peacefully at home in the pool. 


A small wobble at a 32 week growth scan showed baby girl measuring small on the 10th centile, which immediately sent a little wobble and concern regarding baby and type of delivery. Thank you for being there to talk about it and avoid panicville. My midwife was lovely and wasn’t concerned so I filled myself with positivity, made positive birth affirmation bunting and continued to have my growth scans. Until my 38 week scan showed she had increased to the 15th centile, I was offered another growth scan just for reassurance but I refused as I was happy to put faith in my baby and body and believe that she was healthy and growing and therefore no need in any more scans. At 40 + 8 after discussing the benefits and risks of having a sweep with my midwife, I agreed to a sweep as I wanted to avoid a more medical induction meaning I would not get the home birth I wanted. Well my body had already been doing the work and I was between 2-3cm dilated and the sweep was a success.


Tightening quickly started and a couple of hours later they were definitely surges. We filled the pool and set up our little birthing room. I felt so much more in control this time around and was able to use my breath a lot more with a bit of gas and air when baby girls head was being born.


It was a truly magical experience and I somehow fell more in love with my husband who was a brilliant birth partner and helped me stay focused on my breath as our little girl entered the world. 


I believe people should be given all the information so they can make an informed decision regarding how they choose to birth their baby. Thanks for empowering women and helping people find their voice!


Lots of love Becky xx



Hi Lucy! Firstly a big thank you! I struggled a lot at the beginning of my pregnancy almost right up until week 20 when I had a second scan. I didn't feel 'pregnant', I felt bloated and tiered and that was it. I found it really hard to believe even though I had met my baby on the first scan that I was actually carrying a child as silly as that sounds.


I just wanted to write to you, especially as I know you actually use all of the pregnancy and birth stories you hear as a teaching and learning tool for other women (like me a first time mum to help and support).


I started following you during lock down, up until March I was kept busy with work and then I was made furlough and I needed something to do and a friend suggested I take up yoga.

I played back a lot of your insta stories, insta lives and did as much yoga as I could during the day but always finished with your bed time yoga.


I had my beautiful baby boy 40 +4, I had a long day of labour almost 24hours. I chose to go to a midwife lead unit which was the building next door to central delivery and had ideally wanted a water birth.


I took a lot of your advise on breathing, birth positions, how to tackle contractions and was completely open to what ever needed to happen for my baby to arrive safely.


After 23 hours my body was exhausted and my heart rate went up and my very calm and relaxed baby (so the midwifes told me all day when listening to his heartbeat) turned his head and a decision was made I would have an epidural, taken into theatre and have him delivered by forceps.


Definitely not the birth I had imagined but and the big BUT, my baby arrived safely and staying calm through your teaching methods of breathing, movement, positions I stayed positive throughout.


Even though having him delivered by forceps and not being able to feel my legs for a while. I was in this amazing rose tinted bubble which I know stemmed from staying positive and enjoying each step of the labour just embracing what ever got thrown at me because the end result meant I got to finally meet our baby boy!


Thank you again for everything you do. You helped massively in the last three months of my pregnancy physically and mentally. X



Hi Lucy, I joined your programme a few months ago, mostly for the yoga, as I was a bit skeptical that a positive birth experience would be possible. I very much identified with your first labour experience, although mine wasn’t the worst story ever and all were healthy at the end I had a number of minor medical interventions that in hindsight I feel probably weren’t necessary and contributed to an overall more stressful experience. And of course, I delivered on my back. 


I held on to the possibility that second time could be more like your second time. Even in the last few weeks I was still having crises of confidence, but I kept reading, listening to your flow downs, doing yoga, got the gym ball and play list ready, and even bought myself an ‘I am strong’ affirmation ring (affirmations being something I wouldn’t normally be in to) just to have that little reminder when my mindset faltered (which was often)! 


On Sunday I gave birth to my baby boy in hospital as planned, a hands and knees delivery, 3 pushes and he was out, no pain relief. I had managed to stay at home using the gym ball and playlist to get me through the early contractions. When I called the midwife team they nearly got me to stay at home longer as they said I sounded so calm, and because my contractions didn’t fit the 5 minute frequency and lasting longer than a minute parameters that they were looking for, mine being more frequent but variable in duration and intensity. I went to the hospital anyway and they were surprised to see I was 8-9cm dilated! 2 hours later baby was born. 


My midwife was brilliant, very supportive and encouraging of me to follow my body. For example, I asked if she planned to check my dilation again before I started pushing (from having been repeatedly told to to resist an urges to push until they told me I was ready in my first labour) and she said that she didn’t see the need, my body had got me this far, if I felt the urge to push I should go with it! 


Giving birth on all 4s was a totally different experience from being on my back - I was in control, it happened much faster, the pain was manageable. 


I am still slightly in disbelief that I did it, I had a positive birth experience, and it really was possible through using the practical advice you give us through your program and flow downs. I am fully converted from my original skepticism and slightly in awe of what that has given me. Thank you for what you do xx



Hi Lucy. I wanted to message to say a BIG thank you! My first birth ended up going down a very medical route and I knew I wanted a different experience second time round. I put in the time to do lots of preparation and your yoga flows and talks were so valuable in helping me feel ready and empowered - to really know my options, to have the confidence to speak up and to put myself in the best possible position to have the birth I wanted.


I laboured at home for 5 hours and then 4 hours after getting to hospital our beautiful baby girl was born! I remained upright the whole time, used my breathing techniques to drink in the oxygen and trusted my body to do what it needed to do (plus lots of gas and air to get me through!)


I keep thinking to myself that ‘I can’t believe I did it!’ Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you’re doing - your inspiration and positivity is infectious x



Hi Lucy! You get so many birth stories, idk if you remember me reaching out to tell you about how I felt empowered swapping from my VBAC to a 2nd c-section. In the last four weeks she had also flipped breech! Well, little lady was scheduled to be delivered on Monday the 29th at 39 weeks. On the 25th at 11:10 pm my water broke and labor and surges followed quickly and progressed very quickly. Within an hour I was having contractions every four minutes and we were packed for the hospital. Went to the hospital and my labor progressed to strong surges every two minutes. I certainly didn’t think I was going to have to deal with pretty strong surges being a scheduled c-section a week early! I came in and was evaluated but my cervix wasn’t dilating likely because she breech. The on-call doc was just going in to deliver a baby when I arrived, so I had to wait for her to be ready before we could go on with my surgery. Meaning my contractions were about a minute apart and strong the time


It was go time. I had no pain medication and was able to rely on your breathing techniques to keep me from going to panicville!! Plus I was definitely nervous about the c-section anyway (as it wasn’t my first choice for my own labor but rather for her safety) and I had a very scary emergency experience with my son. By the time I was receiving my spinal, my surges were so strong they making me throw up. I continued to breath! And breath! And not panic! I got my spinal done in the middle of my worst surge and then, obviously, the pain stopped. But my fear of being cut open was still there. I continued to breathe. By the time my husband came into the OR, I was all smiles. Nothing but excitement to meet baby. All because of your help. Your breath work. Your reminders of what a positive birth experience really means! 3.5 hours after my water broke, our beautiful baby girl was born, at 2:36 am. You can see in this picture how absolutely joyous I am, with no panicville! I even breast fed her whilst I was being sewed up. I would never ever have had the confidence to try that!


Thank you so much for what you do! Even through it I kept my husband calm, who hates hospitals and surgeries in general! You are a complete gem. Don’t stop the movement!!!



I just want to say thank you! I signed up to your yoga course at 33 weeks and did a flow pretty much every day, sometimes twice. Loved it! I’ve always been fit and had been doing more intense exercise up until that point but could tell my body needed something gentler. Had never really got into yoga before, despite trying many times, but found your classes really enjoyable and could feel the benefit. I also did some Hypnobirthing and was determined not to have a repeat of my first birth which was incredibly traumatic and left me physically (and mentally) scarred! With covid we decided on a home birth and I’m pleased to say it worked. My contractions started at 4:30am, I stayed in bed and breathed through them listening to a Hypnobirthing mp3 until 6 when I went downstairs, got my yoga mat out and found “wagging the tail” helped. My body knew exactly what to do and Molly was born at 8:27, on my yoga mat (the pool wasn’t ready!) So thank you! Your yoga and flow downs helped me!


Had the birth I wanted and i'll never forget how magical and calm it was. Goes without saying I was NOT on my back and remained upright which worked so well. 


Thanks again. I have already recommended your course to several friends and will continue to do so. Fab!


Clare xx

I’m really really grateful for your online yoga!! I’m 15 weeks pregnant and your yoga is making the world of difference to my every day...‘routine of some sort’. I’ve been doing it daily for the last ten days and feel soo much better for it!! Helping both physically and mentally during this anxious time to be pregnant. So, thank you it’s such a great course 💕



I've recommended you to several pregnant friends. I'm due in 4 weeks and you've been a huge help to me. I'm practising hypnobirthing but your yoga sessions are fab particularly during lockdown, and you are so lovely to listen to for advice and help about labouring. So reassuring and informative. So thank you - you are helping so many women 💜



Hey Lucy !! I’m so grateful to have found your platform on Instagram - I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my first. I’ve registered for your online classes and they have been so amazing thank you !



Hi Lucy, I can not thank you enough for your advice and voice note, it was like you were there with me the whole way, when my contractions were too much for me I could hear you telling me to blow the candles hard. I managed to get her to turn by doing all fours through the first lot of gel🎉🎉 and she was born this morning at 12.18am with three puffs on gas and air and that was only to stop me from tearing. Your yoga class moves inspired me to move and find what my body felt comfortable and easing. I just cant believe she is here and I'm home. After such a difficult and disappointing first birth and doctors and midwives saying fear would take over me and I wouldn’t be able to get my head round birth for a second birth, you gave me the confidence and knowledge to go with my heart and I did it x



Hi Lucy, I caught up on your flow down yesterday and honestly, I just find your videos so empowering. Especially at the moment where women aren't able to attend midwife appointments and with there being so much uncertainty, you're providing really uplifting information and guidance so women can make positive informed choices, I love it! I've been so anxious about giving birth and just my pregnancy in general, but each flowdown I watch, I feel more empowered and confident about having an active birth and making sure my choices and voice are heard! I also joined your online yoga classes a few weeks ago, and am loving them! 


Thank you for all that you are doing. This is our first baby (a rainbow after 15 years), I’m 41 (which I get reminded of a lot) and the first and probably only grandchild for both of our families. All babies are special but this one has been wanted for such a looong time . It’s so sad that the anxiety around everything happening safely in these times is real. But you have helped squash that anxiety for me so much. I can’t thank you enough XxxSo, I just wanted to say thank you 😃💕 xx



Lucy, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say that I delivered a healthy little boy on Monday at 38 weeks ( my first). I started following your page in the last 3 weeks and tuned in to your live talks about breathing techniques in labour! How thankful I was to have heard your tips about up breathing and down breathing and having a active birth. During my labour I used your advice and drank in that oxygen in every contraction. Your words were so helpful and kept me focused. My labour progressed so quickly at home that I had baby within 10 mins of arriving at the hospital. Thank you so much for what you do! Xxx



Hi Lucy, I’m one of your online members and just wanted to say how much the yoga and the lives chats you are doing are helping me! I’m starting my Hypnobirthing course next week and that along with your yoga is making me much more confident that I can have a positive birth experience this time round! My labour with my daughter was 42 hours long so I’m hoping with your birth position tips it will be quicker this time X



Thank you so much, I really enjoyed every class you did and I've recommended you to many people ❤️❤️ thanks for all your help and keep up the good work xx



Hi Lucy, I joined your membership for 3 months and I’m loving it! I’m doing it everyday & your flow downs are brilliant. You have such passion that really inspires!



Thank you so much for your talk this morning. All my classes got cancelled so this has helped me feel more confident and comfortable about birth. I've been doing your online classes since I was 20 weeks and I am now 35 and I feel great. This is my first baby and I think a lot of "new Corona mums" are feeling quite anxious because we have missed out on so much but you have helped to keep me calm and focused ❤



Hi Lucy just want to say thank you for your posts, lives and online yoga 💛. I had, before my pregnancy and much of it, thought that pregnancy and Labour was something that was going to happen to me, and now I know it’s something my body, baby and I are going to do, feel much more empowered! Plus slept really well last night after your bedtime flow !



Lucy, I can’t tell you how well I’ve slept last two nights babe! Before that I was up 6/7 times a night, all restless your bedtime flow is life right now. 



Hi Lucy, just wanted to message as I’ve just watched your birthing yoga video to prepare for labour and birth and although I’ve got 4 months to go, I feel excited?! Your technique and teaching has made me feel like it’s the simplest technique but can be done whatever situation the day brings. Just wanted to say thanks. There’s so many birthing videos, apps, hypnobirthing etc but your approach I feel is everything I need to know! I am so comfortable and relaxed in the lunge position when I practice I’m hoping this is how I’ll be able to give birth! Thank you ❤️



Just wanted to say thank you so much for the course. This is my second pregnancy and I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with caring for my toddler in a small flat with no garden, and getting so many more aches and pains than first time around. But in a few days of doing some of the flows I feel a million times better both mentally and physically. Thank you!



Thank you for all your live sessions! I have been watching them with my husband and not only have you helped me to let go of my fear around birth but you have also helped my husband with his fear of watching me give birth. He’s gone from believing that he’s going to faint, to wanting to do the active birth positions and breathing with me during labour 😊 X



Lucy, thank you for all your positivity and support. Your work is inspiring to women out there, is helping me gain the confidence I need at this time and I'm enjoying pregnancy 💕



Been doing the late pregnancy flow (I’m 35 weeks) every single day and I feel the best I’ve felt throughout my whole pregnancy! Wish I’d started it sooner!



Yes it’s great, I’m 21weeks just now and just feel much more settled and relaxed after a flow. This is my first pregnancy and wasn’t really sure what to expect and have heard all sorts of stories about labour but watching your live today and doing my flows I feel like if I continue to do yoga, I will feel more relaxed about it all which is obviously even more important with everything that’s going on just now. So thank you very much for making my pregnancy a more enjoyable experience 😊 xx


Brilliant as always Lucy! You honestly help me so much with my birth fears. I wish I’d found you sooner and perhaps I’d have babies already. But either way I’m so grateful you’re sharing your knowledge, thank you! 💗


I have been enjoying the videos so much! I have always been super insecure towards my body, after finding out my pregnancy I had so many doubts and fears... but by watching your lives and doing the flow classes I started to feel much more empowered! I would like to say a big, big thank you!!! 💕💕💕


'The positions Lucy talked about for an active labour and delivery really helped me. Towards the end of my labour my midwives said I was pushing incorrectly; I was on all fours and pushing "backwards" instead of bearing down. I remembered the deep squat position Lucy had taught - I had laughed at the time thinking there was no way i could even get into that position let alone birth in it.  But in the birth pool, supported by the water, I was able to and in that position, with one push my baby's head was born'


'I would say this class is a must for your pregnancy journey, not only is it helpful to prepare for the big day, but a moment to escape and enjoy some ‘you’ time.’



'I used thes classes with my third pregnancy and I was determined to have a better birth experience (after two terrible ones!) I 100% got the birth I wanted from the mindset, breathing and positions, I used the analogy of waves rather tan contractions and my breathing techniques definitely made giving birth so much easier. I only use gas and air and I felt in total control. I can not thank Lucy enough.'


'I most enjoyed taking the time out to just focus on me and my bump! Life is so busy with working and looking after my toddler that I barely had a chance to sit and think about my body and how I was going to prepare for the birth. These classes really helped me to tune into my pregnancy and enjoy the experience.’



'Yes, absolutely. Mostly the thing that helped me most was the breathing techniques. I focused on my breathing through all of my contractions (the midwives even thought I’d done hypnobirthing but I hadn’t!). Focusing on how I was breathing made me feel calm and in control. Thank you Lucy!’


'With absolutely no idea what to expect, the breathing techniques had helped massively during labour. And oh my, child’s pose was my best friend.’