Yoga for Birth taster class and introduction  |  1h 07m
Join me for a talk all about the benefits of pregnancy yoga and Yoga for Birth - are they different, are they the same? How did I come to teach this? Then enjoy a taster class of some of my favourite movements to ease lower back pain, upper back tightness, stiff hips and aid relaxation. 

Serene in 15 

15 minutes of calm and serenity through Yoga. This is suitable for all - pregnant, postnatal and everyone in between, so please do simply stop what you are doing & find some space for your body and your mind. We all struggle to make time for ourselves in our busy lives, so join me for just 15 minutes of self love & Yoga. 

If you like Serene in 15 and are pregnant, please do have a look at Lucy's online pregnancy yoga & birth preparation course with over 5 hours of yoga content, tailored for pregnancy