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Birth environments Flow Down TALK

Friday’s live Flow Down is all about your birth environment, but I will be talking a LOT about Homebirths (as well as hospital births) and I reeeeeally hope that, being one of my favourite topics to unpick, you will join me for a cuppa ☕️

Your birth environment is so very important and we will discuss a lot of different things that I think will be very beneficial for you all to take in. Up until now, I have mostly touched on hospital births, due to covid-19 changing homebirth policies for some trusts, but I am often asked about Homebirths and they do deserve some limelight (like, LOADS of limelight) 😍

Join me this Friday at 10am UK time, live, for a catch up and yet another juicy birth talk! Are you planning a homebirth? Have you considered it? What would you like to know more about? Why wouldn’t you consider one? Tell me all below 👇 and tag your pregnant friends so that they can join the fun 🎉 ** NOTE: I have just seen the terrible typos on this image. My contact lenses are DRY and I clearly can’t see properly 🙄😬

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