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I cannot begin to tell you the importance of breath work in helping us address anxiety, fear and pain. Breathing is magic ⭐️ and the best thing is, we can all do it! It’s involuntary, it’s happening every second, we can top up on it as much as we like and it’s the easiest thing in the world for us to do!

Breathing in labour
Breathing in labour

The power of breathing in relation to pain reduction is huge. When we labour, our whole body works to birth our baby and, much like any other physical event (running, dancing, lifting weights...) our muscles are doing all they can to get the job done. Our uterus is a massive muscle that simply cannot operate without oxygen and blood supply. When we stop breathing properly during labour, and tense our bodies through fear or anxiety, we stop that fluidity of breath to the uterus and labour will feel harder, stronger, tiring and painful 🚫

During pregnancy, taking some time to connect with your breathing can be a wonderful way of releasing tension you may already be carrying, but also a way of getting to know how it feels to simply breathe, ready for labour. What does it sound like? Feel like? How does your body respond when you exhale the tension from your jaw and your shoulders? How does your mind feel when you inhale deeply into your body and your baby?

Take 3 minutes today to sit with one hand on your chest, one hand on your tummy (you don’t have to be pregnant to do this!) and just feel the motions. Notice everything. The stillness, the calm, the quiet. Ask yourself ‘how am I feeling?’

There are some excellent breathing tools and techniques that I highly recommend learning for labour and birth. Many birth programmes teach different breathing techniques but all with the same purpose- to help you. Because breathing is hugely powerful in preparing for a positive birth. All you’ve got to do is practice ✌️Join our online classes and get access to my breathing techniques videos and birthing position videos too! All on 👍


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