TESTIMONIALS from our new mums | Lucy Flow
Some kind words from some of our new mums!

'The positions Lucy talked about for an active labour and delivery really helped me. Towards the end of my labour my midwives said I was pushing incorrectly; I was on all fours and pushing "backwards" instead of bearing down. I remembered the deep squat position Lucy had taught - I had laughed at the time thinking there was no way i could even get into that position let alone birth in it.  But in the birth pool, supported by the water, I was able to and in that position, with one push my baby's head was born'

Beth, mother of 2


'I was unable to have a natural labour as my baby was breech from 20 weeks, I then thought all these techniques I had learnt in yoga were pointless but I was so wrong. I was so scared of hospitals and needles so I was very worried going into hospital for a C-Section. Once I was in theatre I started to really panic so I started to do the breathing Lucy showed us in yoga and it calmed me down and helped me just relax’

Lucy, mother of 1


'The best thing I loved about pregnancy yoga was just having the time to connect with my unborn child. I would 100% recommend this to all my friends and family and would like to say another huge thank you to Lucy’

New mum


'From working to full-time, to all the dramas of moving house and expecting my first baby, this was the sanctuary I needed to relax. Lucy had made such a safe space for my thoughts to explore and actually get excited about the life growing inside of me.’

New mum


'I would say this class is a must for your pregnancy journey, not only is it helpful to prepare for the big day, but a moment to escape and enjoy some ‘you’ time.’

Jamie Ikuwemse


'I used thes classes with my third pregnancy and I was determined to have a better birth experience (after two terrible ones!) I 100% got the birth I wanted from the mindset, breathing and positions, I used the analogy of waves rather tan contractions and my breathing techniques definitely made giving birth so much easier. I only use gas and air and I felt in total control. I can not thank Lucy enough.'

Louisa, mum of three


'I most enjoyed taking the time out to just focus on me and my bump! Life is so busy with working and looking after my toddler that I barely had a chance to sit and think about my body and how I was going to prepare for the birth. These classes really helped me to tune into my pregnancy and enjoy the experience.’

New mum


'Yes, absolutely. Mostly the thing that helped me most was the breathing techniques. I focused on my breathing through all of my contractions (the midwives even thought I’d done hypnobirthing but I hadn’t!). Focusing on how I was breathing made me feel calm and in control. Thank you Lucy!’

Jo, mum of two

'With absolutely no idea what to expect, the breathing techniques had helped massively during labour. And oh my, child’s pose was my best friend.’

New mum