Specialising in pregnancy and childbirth preparation, Lucy is also trained Fertility Yoga teacher, Postnatal Yoga teacher, Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Hypnobirthing practitioner.  She has taught hundreds of expectant mums, face-to-face at her studio in the UK, and has now designed an online course for anyone who is expecting a baby to watch and practice at their convenience in their own home... 

"I’m Lucy, Yoga teacher and mum of two boys. I specialise in pregnancy and childbirth preparation and use my extensive training and birth knowledge to educate and empower women, so that birth becomes the most exciting time of their lives, rather than something to fear.


I am on a mission to get women learning about their birthing abilities, starting with their bodies. We see time and time again images of women laying down on their backs to give birth, but I am here to teach you how to use your body in a far more productive way to not only feel more in control of your labour, but to increase your comfort levels and even shorten the length of your labour. 


Yoga will help you to use the biomechanics of your body in the way it has all been designed, by opening up the space available in your pelvis, and using gravity to encourage your baby into an optimal position for birth. Not only that, Yoga teaches powerful and effective breathing techniques to keep a labouring woman calm and in control, however her birth unfolds.


The most important thing about a woman’s birthing experience is how she felt throughout. Feeling that she had choices, feeling respected, and feeling comfortable will all impact this experience, and I hope that through Yoga, I can help this to be a positive journey, from pregnancy to childbirth, and one that you’ll want to re-live again and again".

Lucy xxx