I’m Lucy, a birth educator living in Surrey, UK. After many years of teaching face to face groups, I’ve decided to share my unique classes online, making them accessible to women and families everywhere and to help educate, wherever in the world you live. I am a Yoga teacher specialising in childbirth preparation, and also qualified in fertility yoga, pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga too. I am also a trained Hypnobirthing practitioner, Birth and postnatal Doula and mother to two beautiful little boys and I am here to use my high quality, extensive training to educate women all over the world about birth.


As humans, we’ve evolved so much to enable us to use our bodies in such unique ways, however our lifestyles don’t always support the natural functionality of the childbirth process. This can lead to our babies laying in sub-optimal positions, our ligaments and muscles being tight and tense, and us having little understanding of what we need to do, during labour, to birth our babies comfortably. Not only this, we’ve started to lose trust in our own bodies and subsequently, childbirth is deemed terrifying.


I am here to change this. I’m going to educate about the incredible process of birth with my free social media content and talks and, if you’re really serious, my online Yoga for Birth course that you can do at home and around your work schedule, your family and your energy levels. I’m going to get you feeling excited and prepared, both physically and mentally, so that this huge life event is something you look forward to and feel ready for. Not only that, I’m also here to help you gently recover from birth, return to Yoga and support you through motherhood once your baby has arrived earth side.


You wouldn’t run marathon without some sort of training, so why should childbirth be any different? Let’s get you ready for the amazing journey ahead. I’m excited.... are you? 

Lucy xx