ABOUT LUCY FLOW | Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation

 Lucy is 33 and a mum of two boys. She is a trained yoga teacher and has moved on to specialise in Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth Preparation. She has taught hundreds of expectant mums, face-to-face at her studio in the UK, and has now designed an online course for anyone who is expecting a baby to watch and practice at their convenience in their own home... 

                   I have always been a bit of a birth fanatic, and completely intrigued by the female body, and the ability we have to grow tiny humans and birth them. I knew I wanted to be a mother, but to give birth was something I was always so excited about experiencing! I trained as a Yoga teacher before I became a mother, and throughout my first pregnancy I taught classes until I was 39 weeks pregnant. I felt fantastic, mobile, healthy, happy and confident, and so aware of my changing body for the whole 41 weeks.


After my son’s birth, like most mothers, I suddenly realised just how passionate I was about the birth process. I found my first birth hard work, but I realised it was something I needed to learn more about because it was an experience like no other! After going on to train in Pregnancy Yoga, reading almost any birth-book I could get my hands on, researching, studying and talking to other mothers, I decided to deepen my training even further to become a teacher in Childbirth Preparation. 


When I became pregnant with my second child, it was my mission to use everything i had learned through Yoga to help me have a homebirth, and to use all of the physical tools and the logical information I had gained, to take control of my birth. I knew that if I could achieve this, I could help others do the same. In May 2018, I experienced the most incredible home birth of my son, born calmly and beautifully with absolutely no help or assistant. Just my body and my breath. This is what I want every single woman to have a chance at experiencing, simply because we deserve to.


I know, without a doubt, that we can alter our births by simply stripping back fear and using our bodies the way they were designed to be used. With movement, with relaxation, with our breathing, with our mind set. Yoga teaches us all of these tools, we just need to practice. 


After years of teaching women in my face-to-face classes, I have now decided to open an online Yoga studio for Pregnant women to gain access to home-classes and begin learning about their bodies, from the comfort of their own home. These classes have been designed to help you ease out common pregnancy aches, to move your changing body, to learn about what feels good, to understand the physical birth process, and how we have been designed, and to prepare you with physical birth positions that really can help you throughout labour and birth.


Women have been birthing their babies upright for millions of years, using nothing but their bodies. It’s my mission to help you re-learn your own capabilities, and in turn give you the physical tools needed to birth how you were designed to.

Lucy xxx