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Suitable from 3 months up to birth...

complete birth prep programme

IT’S HERE!! My brand new online course, the Complete Birth Prep Programme, full of everything I’d want you to know about preparing your mind & body for childbirth! Do you want to have all areas covered? Do you want to have it all in one place? A course you can do from the comfort of home, while still meeting others virtually? My new course has you well and truly covered with...


A full hypnobirthing programme, complete with ALL the techniques you need to stay calm, in control, comfortable and confident about your birth, in all birth scenarios!

In depth knowledge of yoga, biomechanics, and the anatomy of birth. This will be so much more than the movement work you’ll learn on many other birth prep courses, you’re going to really get clued up on your amazing birthing body and all the things you can do to optimise vaginal birth. Complete with classes to follow along with.

Learn how to make informed decisions that align with you, your family and the birth you want. Do you know where to go for resources, evidence based information, and how to make informed choices? I’ve got you! My resource bank is FULL of everything you need!

You’ll also get downloadable resources, such as my ‘Due Date Contingency Plan’ , my Birth Playlist, Birth Preferences sheet, Birth Partner Quiz (we want them to be in-the-know too!), my relaxation audios, breathing practice audios, and SO. MUCH. MORE!


Suitable from 6 weeks after birth and beyond... 

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