Lucy's highly acclaimed online yoga classes for 3-9 Months Pregnant. Approximately 6 hours of content and classes to be watched and repeated at your convenience. Tailored to suit all levels. JOIN / SIGN-UP

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Below we have listed the full Online Pregnancy Yoga Studio video catalogue. There is over 5 hours of content with 10 specialist pregnancy yoga flows, 5 express stretch videos plus additional Birth preparation bonus content with breathing techniques and yoga for birth.


As a taster we have put together a clip from each video for you to see Lucy's teaching style, techniques and presentation. 

10 Pregnancy Yoga Flows

Our pregnancy flows have all be designed for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters with the exception of Strengthening Flow* - which is a higher intensity class and only recommended to those in their 2nd trimester.

MORNING FLOW  |  31 mins
Full of feel-good stretches to get you ready for your day. If you've had a poor night's sleep or you're feeling particularly tired, this will help lift your spirits and mobilise your tired or aching body.  Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
ANYTIME FLOW  |  22 mins
Designed to move and stretch all of your body. I'll remind you of your pelvic floor muscles and give you movements and postures to release tension in those normal target areas. A great general practice for women of all abilities, in second and third trimesters. 
BEDTIME FLOW  |  19 mins
Designed to calm your mind & body ready for your evening. We'll work on letting go of distractions and thoughts, and we'll move gently through a relaxing practice. Great for stress-relief and preparing for a better night's sleep. Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
ENERGIZER FLOW  |  31 mins
Great for those wanting to lift their energy levels and moods! This flow includes lots of fluid movement in order to send energy around the whole body, increase your heart rate and release those feel-good endorphins. We'll move at more of a pace in this flow. while still offering modifications for everyone. Suitable for second and third trimesters.
A chance to maintain your strength, engage with your pelvic floor muscles and focus on the strength of your mind too. This flow is only recommended for women in their 2nd trimester (up to 28 weeks) only and is a higher intensity class, so please listen to your body throughout.
BACK FLOW  |  30 mins
This flow will help to release achey lower backs and tight shoulders and upper backs. We'll engage our muscles as well as relaxing them, and stretch out tension from the neck and all the way down. Suitable for second and third trimesters.
HIP OPENER FLOW  |  27 mins
Hip Opener Flow is all about getting those hips wide and open, to keep them feeling good, and of course in preparation for your birth. We'll use lots of different movements and stretches with modifications to help increase your mobility here. Suitable for second and third trimesters.
LEGS FLOW  |  31 mins
Leg Flow has been designed to give some attention to your tired lower body. Great for those who are on their feet a lot and need some relief. We'll work on the hamstrings, helping to stretch and lengthen them, and release the calf muscles and inner thighs too. Grab a cushion and a blanket. Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
SLOW FLOW  |  28 mins
Slow Flow has been created to provide your a nurturing practice with a slower pace all the way through. We'll rest our bodies and move really steadily while still giving the body a good stretch, relieving those target areas. The aim here is the go easy and be gentle. Grab a cushion. Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
Designed for women in the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy once the body requires specific modifications to cater for beautiful bumps. We'll take it slow and create plenty of space in your tummy while concentrating on easing the lower back and of course, the hips. We'll also use movements and positions to help your baby get into an optimal foetal position, ready for birth.

5 Express Stretches Videos

Our express stretch videos will teach you postures to help relieve a variety of common pregnancy ailments, in a short amount of time. You can try these stretches in the morning or evening, or simply add them into one of our other flows...
These postures and stretches will really help keep your hips mobile and open throughout your pregnancy. It's so important that your hips remain this way in preparation for birth. Great to do in the morning if you don't have time for a full flow. Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
Try these gentle movements to relieve your lower back. This is a common problem area during pregnancy and just spending a few minutes doing these postures can make you feel so much better! Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
Your glute muscles (your bottom) can feel tender from carrying your beautiful baby. These stretches are wonderful for gently releasing tension here. Sciatica is also really common during pregnancy, so try these simple stretches for quick relief! Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
Like most pregnant women, you're probably spending a lot of time on your already tired feet. Take a few moments to give your lower body a break. Here are some quick fixes for achey legs and sore feet. Suitable for second and third trimesters. 
Our upper backs can feel the strain from our changing posture. If you want some simple stretches, then these are easy to follow and feel fantastic! Suitable for second and third trimesters. 

Birth Preparation 

BREATHING TECHNIQUES | 9 mins 24 seconds
When preparing for Birth, I truly believe that breathing is the key! We all know how to breathe of course, but having specific techniques will help you remain calm, in control and mindful when labour begins. If I could teach women one thing about birth, it would be how to breathe...
YOGA FOR CHILDBIRTH  |  5 mins 40 seconds
This video will demonstrate how I advise women to move for labour, and to position themselves for birth. We'll talk about your pelvis, the journey your baby wants to make during the birth process, and how movement can make a huge difference to all of the above. 
* Please note, Lucy was not pregnant during the filming of these videos and she has worn a "stunt bump" to better demonstrate movement and posture whilst pregnant. However, she has practiced yoga throughout both of her pregnancies!