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Postnatal Yoga & Wellness 60 second introduction

As a taster we have put together a clip from each video for you to see Lucy's teaching style, techniques and presentation. 

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'My postnatal Yoga and Wellness course has been designed to reconnect you to your body following pregnancy and birth, and take care of your wellness as you move through motherhood. These online classes will help you find time and space to unwind, relax, breathe, stretch the body and safely re-build strength in sequences that you can do at home, around your baby and to suit your ability level. Make time for yourself and take care of your amazing body with my Postnatal Yoga & Wellness course. Suitable from 6 weeks post-birth and onward'.

Lucy has designed the Postnatal course in sections covering Pelvic Floor & Core, C-Section Recovery, Stretch Me, Relax Me, Baby & Me, Strengthen Me, Flow with Me so that you can get whatever you need each time you get your yoga mat out.  Lucy will be however, adding more content to list below on an ongoing basis.

Membership to this course also gives you access to the Postnatal Member's Hub bringing together a community women to share ideas and support each other onwards through Motherhood.

Classes suited from 6 weeks post-birth, however please ensure you have been signed off by your GP or midwife, before beginning exercise again after your birth.



(over 10 hours)

Welcome video | 02.06

Safety video | 05.09

Pelvic Floor & Core (51 minutes)

Start your postnatal recovery right here! This five-part series is a step-by-step guide, reconnecting you with your pelvic floor muscles and supporting repair in your abdominal muscles following pregnancy and birth. These videos talk about the very basics of recovery, and teach exercises to safely support Diastasis Recti as well. I recommend everyone to complete this series before moving onto the rest of the course so that you have a thorough understanding of your body and therefore a safe postnatal yoga practice.

#1 – The breath  |  4.45

#2 – Using your Pelvic Floor  |  12.17

#3 – Abdominals & Diastasis  |  14.23

#4 – Your posture  |  7.03

#5 - Gentle Core Strengthening  |  13.26

C-Section Recovery Classes (53 minutes)

These classes have been specifically designed for those who have had a c-section and want to begin their postnatal yoga journey gently. These postures will work to relieve tension in the body while taking great care of your abdominal muscles. You can choose between a seated sofa-based class, or a mat-based class. Although these classes are abdominal birth specific, these movements and postures are perfectly safe for everyone, and suitable for those with Diastasis Recti too.


Seated Sofa Yoga sequence  |  22.35

Mat based Yoga sequence  |  30.26

Stretch Me (2hrs 29m)

If your body is feeling tight and tense and in need of a good stretch, then these sequences have got you covered! All of that feeding, carrying, rocking and poor sleep can make the body feel really uncomfortable. We’re going to move through some lovely feel-good postures designed to relieve tension, increase mobility and free up the body. Choose a targeted sequence or go for my ‘Stretchy Flow’ for an uplifting all over release! 


Upper Body Release  |  16.13

Lovely Leg Lengthener  |  18.48

Hip Stretch & Soften  |  18.59

Gentle Hip and Lower Back Release  |  28.23 

Feeding release introduction  |  1.40

Feeding release #1: Upper back, neck and shoulders  |  19.38

Feeding release #2: Let’s soften and loosen  |  15.36

Express Feeding release |  3.31

Stretchy Flow  |  31.44


Relax Me  (1hr 23m)

Time to let go. Motherhood can be tiring and hard, so these classes are here for you when you need to unwind and relax. We all need time out from the overwhelm, and these sequences will allow you to find space, release stress, move slowly and re-set. Why not really set the mood by lowering your lighting, choosing some music and creating the perfect calming space just for you? Choose the sequence that’s most needed today, or treat yourself to the De-stressing Flow for a longer, more fluid class. 


Relax and Let Go  |  15.12

Breathe into Calmness  |  18.36

Grounding Sequence  |  20.35

De-stressing Flow  | 28.38


Baby & Me (39 minutes)

As a mum myself, I understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to find the time to get on the mat alone! So, I’ve created some sequences that allow you to move your body while bonding with your baby so that you can still make yoga part of your day!


Tummy Time Intro  |  2.06 

Tummy Time sequence #1  |  12.31

Tummy Time sequence #2  |  10.31 

Me and You: all fours sequence  |  14.46


Strengthen Me  (2h 12m)

If and when you feel ready to begin building your strength, I have some great sequences to get you there safely and mindfully. Choose a targeted sequence, or go for my Strengthening Flows which are aimed at the whole body. I give you options and modifications so that you can take these classes at your own pace and we even have some ‘strong’ classes for when your body is ready to increase in strength level. 


Gentle Strengthening Flow (gentle)  |  31.22

Express Upper Body Strength Sequence (gentle)  |  12.19

Upper Body & Abdominal Strengthening (strong)  |  19.49

Lower Body Strength Sequence (strong)  |  33.08

Total Body Strengthening Flow (strong)  |  35.27


Flow with Me (1h 18m)

Got a little more time on your hands? Want to flow with your whole body through a fluid yoga sequence? These flows have lots of variation and you can choose what you need from the list. Want to lift your mood? Or spend the evening preparing to rest? Take a look and choose whatever you need the most.

Gentle Morning Flow  |  24.09

Mood-lifting Flow  | 21.40

End-of-the-day Flow  |  32.15 


Talk to Me

Breast Feeding: Your posture & comfort  |  11.31

Postnatal Depression and mental health  |  8.20

Post Birth debrief  |  3.09

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