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How can yoga help YOU and YOUR pregnancy?

So, are you wondering what yoga could help you with, during your pregnancy? Well the answer is... SO much! From physical benefits to mental benefits, there are heaps! Below I have outlined some of the big guns, the real important reasons you should think about doing yoga during pregnancy...

• Yoga is a practice that is absolutely safe and suitable for every age, ability, shape, size, and stage of pregnancy. If you have a body and you are carrying a baby, you can do pregnancy yoga.

• Yoga will teach you stretches and movements to squeeze out aches and pains from those target areas- lower backs, hips, shoulders, necks. It’s easy to do and easy to follow. All you need to do is copy your teacher!

• Yoga will absolutely help you address any stress or anxiety you may be feeling about your impending birth, life-style change, motherhood-role or even anything that’s non-pregnancy related. Yoga offers you space to stop, breathe, listen and feel.

• Breathing techniques. I honestly think the secret weapon for labour and birth is breathing. In Pregnancy yoga, we teach breathing techniques to keep you calm and in control, which is so important in having a positive birth experience.

• Connection. When was the last time, in this busy life, you actually stopped and talked to your unborn son or daughter? They can hear you, they can feel your heartbeat and they know your smell. Yoga offers you time to connect with your baby, to imagine them, to picture meeting them for the first time.

• Lastly, because of all the tension-releases and the deep breathing, yoga is known for its help in improving sleep. Women often finish a class and crawl into bed to have a deep, undisturbed night, feeling so much better the next day!

Yoga has massive benefits during pregnancy
Yoga has massive benefits during pregnancy


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