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Pelvic Floor

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Our Pelvic Floor health is something I talk a lot about in our classes and something we all need to be aware of during pregnancy and post pregnancy too. There is a real lack of awareness about the importance of our pelvic floor muscles, and it's really affecting women after birth, and much later in life too, sometimes even leading to surgery. How do we help maintain strength in this area? When we think of our pelvic floors, we tend to think of the muscles that ‘stop ourselves from peeing’ in order to engage them. This is a good start, but it’s actually more than this. Engaging your pelvic floor muscles starts from your bottom, as if you’re trying to stop yourself from breaking wind (sorry, but we need to get real with this!) You then need to feel that lifting sensation moving forward to the front too, to help keep your pelvic floor in good health throughout your pregnancy. Use your breath, inhaling to relax, exhaling to engage.