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Physiological birth

Five months ago today, I went off to labour land for the day. I closed off from everything else around me that day, and focussed on the job at hand - birthing my daughter. Together we worked, to bring her earthside calmly, gently and safely, in the comfort of our home. It took us a few days to be totally ready - she needed more space from me, so she could align herself as best as possible. She stopped when I started to get tired or stressed, and waited for me to be ready again. Once I found my breath and quietened my mind, we started to labour again. I listened to her, my body reacted to the safe messaging in my mind - something I had been working on throughout pregnancy, ready for this day, and I moved when her position didn’t feel comfortable for me. Not once did I doubt my ability, worry that home didn’t feel right, or give into the teeniest seeds of stress that showed themselves when things got uncomfortable. I kept breathing and kept going through the sensations. I inhaled oxygen so that my uterus could contract effectively, I stayed upright all day, allowing my pelvis and gravity to work in my favour. I switched off from thinking to allow my instincts to take over, and when the time was right, my cervix opened and we were ready.

I didn’t push, strain or force her, my body did it all when the time was right. I just told myself, over and over, as the pain became almost too much ‘just open, open’ - my mantra in those last moments & contractions. Then she arrived, all at once, and we met. Oxytocin everywhere, from the moment I went off to labour land, until the moment we both landed ❤️


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