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Being active during your labour doesn’t mean you have to be standing up and walking about the whole time! Labour can be a lengthy process, especially first labours, and it’s very wise to treat labour like you would a marathon- taking it steadily and pacing yourself 👍Saving energy where possible, keeping hydrated 💧and fuelled and resting when you are able to. No one is expecting any labouring woman to want to walk, stand, and be on her legs for her whole labour, that just isn’t going to work for everyone, but you CAN still be active, as I’m showing you here! 👆


I really encourage women to stay away from laying on their backs on a bed 🚫 but being upright on a bed? Now that’s what I’m talking about! 🥳This is a wonderful position to be in for labour! Your pelvis can open up here to allow your baby to move downward, you are allowing gravity to work and help your baby come down the birth canal and you have taken the pressure off of your tired legs and can enjoy kneeling on the soft bed while you focus inward on your breathing 😌!

Something really positive to note here also is that you can even be monitored and still use this position - see the monitors around my tummy!? Here I’m using a bar across the bed which some hospitals have in their labour ward, but using the back of the bed does exactly the same for your body and your baby! Take ownership of your birth by moving the way you want to.... your body with thank you for it 🥰

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