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Would you run a marathon WITHOUT training?

Isn’t it crazy... If I signed up to run the London Marathon and decided to turn up on the day with zero training, my friends would think I was bonkers! Imagine trying to run 26 miles without having any preparation, without having researched it, focused, taking time to amend your diet and training your muscles by going running and to the gym, ready for the big day..... So what about birth? Why don’t we prepare for this? Giving birth is the biggest physical event your body will undertake, potentially taking four times the amount of time a marathon does, pushing your mindset and your body to the max, an experience that will change your life forever..... ❤️ yet so often is brushed off as an event that’s out of your control.

Well, it’s not. It’s soooo not! How would you feel If I told you that preparing for birth would make it exciting? Wonderful? Inspiring? The best experience of your life.....? Because it absolutely can be ⭐️ All you’ve got to do is prepare! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a homebirth, a water birth, a short birth or a vaginal birth to be positive. It just needs to make you feel like the absolute superwoman you are. That means feeling listened to, respected, calm and in control. How can you prepare for that? Through educating yourself on as much as you can- the science, the anatomy, the evidence, the female structure, the hormones and the muscles. Read books, attend classes, talk to birth workers. Put as much passion and dedication into your birth as you would for any other huge life event- a wedding? A marathon? An oversees adventure? We prepare for all of these, so why not birth? 🤷‍♀️

Birth preparation is essential
Birth preparation is essential


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