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Enjoy your pregnancy

Pregnancy and motherhood are both filled with new stages and milestones; scan dates, ‘due’ dates, check ups, first words, first steps 🦶first schools.... it’s constantly moving on into a new world of change! I’m sure you’ll agree that this makes it very tricky to just enjoy what’s going on right *now*, in the moment. We are always thinking about the next thing! Learning to be truly present takes a lot of practice and it isn’t easy, or always possible (it’s motherhood at the end of the day 🤷‍♀️) but the next time you catch yourself wishing for the next moment to start, I urge you to take a deep breath in, fill up the lungs and expand the chest... then gently release your exhalation, and soak up everything that’s happening right now. Every crazy, sticky, loud, tiring, relentless moment of it. Then one day, when you look back and wonder if you took it all in, you’ll remember that yes, you did. Breathe in all the madness and exhale it right back out again 💫

Enjoy your pregnancy!
Enjoy your pregnancy!


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