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Get off the bed!

One of the many huge benefits to being off of your back during labour, is the freedom you’re giving to your sacrum while it’s trying it’s best to open for you. Your sacrum is positioned at the base of the spine, referred to sometimes as your ‘tail bone’. This part of your pelvis has been designed to open during labour and birth to help your baby through the birth canal 🙌 Laying on your back totally restricts the sacrum from doing this, which in turn leads to lower back pain and discomfort during contractions, because your bone structure is working against the solid mattress and bed frame!

Get mobile during labour
Get mobile during labour

Freeing up your lower back is so important and will totally change how you feel compared to laying on your back. This position is a really commonly used active position and a very primal, natural place for women to find themselves getting in to. The yogic rocking and swaying of the hips is blissful for your body and your baby too, giving the pelvis lots of movements to work with your baby’s positioning 💛 I wanted to show this position with monitors on to encourage women who are ‘high risk’ or who are advised to be monitored during labour, to keep moving! Monitored does not equal immobile. Get off the bed & move that beautiful body 💪👌⚡️🌟


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