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Is yoga safe while you are pregnant?

This is probably the most commonly asked question from women, understandingly, and it has a very simple one-worded answer - YES! Yes, yoga is perfectly safe while you are pregnant. In fact, the Government now recommend Yoga to pregnant women as a safe and beneficial exercise to do.

There are some exercise programmes out there that definitely would require some prior experience or you may want to really research before taking part in, but not Yoga! As long as you are over 12 weeks pregnant, have had your first scan & your doctor hasn’t told you otherwise, you can start straight away.

The beauty of Yoga is that it helps you mentally & physically, but also that it prepares your body for Birth too. Most women start yoga for the first time during their pregnancy (about 70%!) and a lot then continue yoga as a practice after their birth, having fallen in love with how it made them feel!

Pregnant woman 8 months does yoga
Lucy at 8 months pregnant with her second child

Our classes have been carefully designed to offer lots of modifications for complete beginners, or more experienced yogis. We have also made all the classes beneficial for women in both the second and the third trimester, so that all of you can enjoy them at any stage of your pregnancy!


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