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Not happy? Find your voice...

So, what if you DON'T feel wonderful about your birth experience? Perhaps you did all the courses, all the research, all the reading..... but reflecting on your birth is not the experience you had hoped for.... It can be really disheartening, even traumatic for women whose births have left them feeling a little (or a lot) shocked. I’ve been there and I really am with you. Your friends have had these magical births and you wonder how on earth that was possible knowing what you now know, and you suddenly feel like the only person to have had it rough.

Not happy after birth? Find your voice
Not happy after birth? Find your voice

Please don’t sit with this and accept that ‘birth was just awful for me’. Please seek support. Your local hospital may offer a service called ‘Birth Reflections’ which, after lockdown is over, can really be a huge help to you. A midwife will pull up your birth notes and talk through your experience with you, explaining why things happened that way. Often it sparks a moment that you couldn’t recall, or something that changed the course of events which you needed to talk through, and this can be so impactful in your healing. You can also seek birth trauma support through private practitioners who would love to help you find peace with what happened. I have tagged some people who could help you on this post.

I hope that by educating you all over here, and giving you the confidence to find your voice, we are lowering the risk of feeling this way about your birth. Often it’s the being out of control that really leaves a scar, but what I teach you here will, I hope, make you feel like the most important person in the room, because you are! Sending love to you today, wonderful women. You aren’t alone, and I’m with you ❤️❤️


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