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Postnatal Plans

Just like birth, your fourth trimester & postnatal journey deserves a plan and requires some thought.. Watch my full video on IGTV to know more but to summarise, here are some of my top tips .

Postnatal Planning...
Postnatal Planning...

HIBERNATE: Set a time frame for cosying up inside your home (I recommend 7-14 days minimum). Watch tv, eat well, sleep, feed, sleep more & rest. You won’t ever regret slowing down, but you may regret the rush to go back to ‘normal’. Just stop ✋

VISITORS: Send texts and emails now to friends and family, explaining that you would like some time to yourselves before you have visitors. Yes, you may feel awkward, but your energy is more important. Those who matter will understand, so choose wisely who you allow into your space & save the other visitors for a couple of weeks later - your baby will still be little then and YOU are more important.

REST: Plan ways to find rest. It doesn’t always need to mean sleep, but laying down and being inactive will really save your energy. Can you ask a parent or a friend to help you after hibernation, to take your older child for a walk or your baby, while you simply sit and recoup? Can your partner help at lunch time or can you have dinner earlier so that you can get into bed at 7pm? Perhaps you can hire a postnatal Doula?

MENTAL HEALTH: Talk to your partner now about your mental health and your triggers. What helps you when you are feeling blue? What causes the spiral to begin? Promise yourself that you will keep communicating when those thoughts and feelings arise.

SUPPORT: Find the phone numbers of local breastfeeding supports / clinics & groups now. Swap numbers with your antenatal friends, join Facebook support groups and follow people who lift your spirits and offer information that helps you at this time.

There is far too much to write in one post but please don’t underestimate the power of preparing for this vital part of your recovery and transition into parenthood. For your mind, body and your soul- you deserve it! 🌷


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