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Upright Birth?

Are you finding yourself asking ‘what is an Upright Birth’? or maybe even ‘why is it important?’ Let me explain! Being ‘upright’ is a labour or birth taking place in an upright position, such as seated, squatting, on all fours, standing, crouching, or any other position OTHER than laying flat on your back. The benefits of an upright labour and birth are huge, from speeding up the time you are in labour, to decreasing discomfort and pain during contractions. Take it from me, movement can change everything. You may not realise it, but most midwives actually want you to try being upright, for the exact same reasons. It helps your baby to move downward (thanks to that magical force, called gravity), it gives your pelvis the freedom to move (which laying on your back does not), and it allows your baby space to twist, turn, wriggle & bury deeper downward, ready to be born. Laying on our backs is just not a helpful, natural or beneficial way for us to birth. It just isn’t. We need to begin using movement, gravity & our biomechanics to help us birth. So, how can you learn how to do this? Through yoga! Yoga is a practice for your body, and during pregnancy we practice upright positions, active positions, for you, your pelvis, your baby and your impending birth. Pregnancy Yoga should be taught to every single pregnant woman around the world, to help spread the message that being upright is so important, and to teach women how to move their amazing bodies for birth! Go to to start... Let’s get your body ready for birth

Women delivering baby in upright position
Are you finding yourself asking ‘what is an Upright Birth’? or maybe even ‘why is it important?’

For more information about your pelvic floor muscle, and how you can keep it strong and healthy, follow the brilliant @mothers.wellness.toolkit on instagram - lots of information and knowledge to keep you supported ‘down below’


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