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6 things your birth partners can do!

Birth partners - listen up! (Tag them below!).. WE NEED YOU! The person / people you have supporting you during birth make a MASSIVE impact on your experience. Feeling safe and protected during labour will allow your subconscious mind to take over, quietening your neo-cortex (the ‘thinking’ part of your brain). This is what we need to happen, in order for the involuntary response of childbirth to happen! Birth Partners, here’s what you can do: 👉 Join in with antenatal classes! Take every opportunity to learn not just about how birth works, but how the maternity system works too, so you can help navigate it positively 🙌 👉 If you’re using hypnobirthing to prepare for birth, practice together! Birth partners are needed to be solid anchors during labour, and knowing the hypnobirthing techniques & the trigger words or cues will help hugely! 👉 Pack the hospital bag / homebirth box together! Know where things are, so you can grab the oil / flannel / TENS machine as soon as it’s needed! 👉 Choose the music - this is a lovely way to top up the oxytocin levels! Create a sentimental birth playlist and have it ready to go on the big day. Choose songs that hold special memories or you know will trigger a spark ⚡️ 👉 Prepare for the fourth trimester together. Learn about normal newborn behaviour, including feeding & sleep. This way you can manage expectations when life feels completely different. 👉 Lastly, just *know* how much you are needed! You are important, and I know you will be the best birth partners ❤️

Birth partners can help hugely!
birth partner support


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