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Biggest obstacles in physiological birth and how to avoid them!

Do you want to know what one of the biggest obstacles in physiological birth is? Biomechanics. Movement. Positioning. When planning a vaginal birth, preparing your physical health is VITAL in optimising your experience. We know that no one can guarantee anyone a certain type of birth, but we also know there is so much that can be done to increase the chances. Marathon runners train their mindsets, they take care of their nutrition, and they learn about the race, but what else does such a mammoth physical event require? Physical training! Regular & consistent physical work! It doesn’t need to be intense, or every single day, but making room in your week for body prep will do you the world of good! So what are three things you can do, to begin optimising physiological birth? 1️⃣ Go and see a pelvic health physio during pregnancy. Work on finding balance in the pelvis, which is especially important if you’ve had a previous birth which involved instrumental delivery / an abdominal birth. It’s also important if you’ve ever had an injury that could have impacted the balance of your pelvis - a fall, ski accident, broken a bone in the lower body, for example. 2️⃣ Exercise. Choose something you enjoy, that keeps you engaged, and feeling good during your pregnancy! Ideally choose something that has mobility in mind, such as yoga / Pilates or fitness. Weight training is fab, but be sure to include stretches too. 3️⃣ Learn about, and practice, upright birth positions. We want to have different positions in our mental toolbox, to use during labour. Find what feels good, understand the benefits, and practice! 🌟 Now is a good time to tell you about my online Yoga course which is designed to do exactly this. My classes will keep you mobile, relieve aches / tension, and teach you LOADS about positions and movements to use in labour 🙌 Click the link in my bio to check out membership options ✨

Birth Preparation

What did you do / are you doing, to prep your body for birth? lottikala I did your courses starting week 16. It was my first pregnancy and the preparation definitely paid off. Though my water didn't break so it's hard for me to say when my birth process did "officially start"/ how long it took I can say that it was a dream birth and really quick and smooth, especially for a first time mum giving birth to a "large baby" and I didn't need any pain relief at all ❤️🙌 dilated from 4 to 10 cm within 4 hours. And I'm sure a lot of it was due to your courses and the knowledge I gained from you 🙌1

eirlyssnowdrop This is really interesting as I ruptured my ACL skiing just prior to pandemic and consequently never got it fixed. Mobility back to normal but I am definitely left with SIJ and pelvic pain on the same side. I am finding your yoga course really beneficial though, now at week 28/40 so I’m sure it will become increasingly important as more strain gets put on my pelvic area 👍🏻 _blackcurrants_ Hi Lucy, thanks for this ❤️ can you recommend any reading or videos around birth positions? I want to be confident to be able to take the lead when giving birth, and know what positions I can change into. 😬 Thank you! Ps I am getting stronger from your online yoga course, just loving it! So good to connect with my body and I love when we hold our bumps at the beginning. ❤️❤️ Mine is small as I'm only 16 weeks but it's still my lovely little bump!13hReply


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