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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Yoga postures and movements are amazing at turning breech babies head down, and I have had many clients help their babies to turn through my recommended yoga positions! So, what’s it all about?

Babies who are laying in the breech position (with their bottoms down rather than head down) are simply laying in one of many ‘normal’ positions for birth, and CAN be born this way. My brother was born breech, and our mum had no idea until she was 10cm dilated! No issue, just a different birth position to a lot of other babies 👶🏻 If you have been told your baby is laying in a breech position, please do not allow this to sway your mindset or fill you with worry. Firstly there is lots you can do in order to change this, so that your baby is head down. Secondly, you can discuss breech birth with your midwife and learn more about your options. The head down position (optimal fetal position) is the most favoured position because of the way a baby’s head and the female pelvis are structured in order for birth to happen. But this doesn’t mean this is the only way to birth. There are some incredible breech birth images on Instagram, just search the hashtag #breechbirth and fill yourself up with confidence and positivity that birth comes in all shapes, sizes and positions 💫 If you would like to work on helping your baby move into the head-down position, then yoga really is your first point of call! Getting onto all fours and rocking your hips, ensuring you aren’t slouching on your sofa 🛋 or office chair, walking and gently exercising will all help offer space to your baby on the inside to move head down. Yoga also helps to work with gravity, using positions to encourage the weight of your baby’s head to move into your pelvis. If you would like me to make a specialised video on this subject, and how yoga can help you to turn your baby, then let me know below! I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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