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My little yogis

Becoming a mother offers you countless opportunities to lay the foundations for your children’s wellbeing. I have always talked to my parents about everything (probably far more than I should! 🤦‍♀️), but growing up, the subject of mental health, emotions and wellbeing never really came up and if hadn’t have had such an open relationship with them both, I do wonder who I would have spoken to when I big emotions started to appear.

Yoga is great for you AND your kids!
Yoga is great for you AND your kids!

I really want to have these big discussions with my boys early on in their lives. I want them to feel as comfortable telling me about their emotions as they do about their imaginary super powers, and for them to learn how to make their wellbeing a priority in their lives. A great route to doing this is kids yoga. We love it! We often read Yoga Babies by@fearnecotton at bedtime which is a firm favourite. There are pictures to follow and my boys love to have a go (my eldest has mastered most of them and he truly loves doing them!). They also love to watch@cosmickidsyogaand follow a magical story while finding lots of different postures to try. Right now it might only be about shapes and characters, but it’s also about how it makes them feel. Coming into tree pose makes my big boy feel confident (and my little one! Look at him!) he balances for a few seconds and we all clap and cheer when he does it again and again! So if yoga remains a part of their lives as they grow, then I know that it’s magic will help them when they really need it. It’s a lovely way to teach kids about their bodies and in turn, their minds 💙


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