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Breastfeeding Week

I’ve been on both sides of the breastfeeding journey. I’ve been there when it just isn’t working, and you have no idea why. The support hasn’t been enough, the pain and the exhaustion is overwhelming, and all you want is a calm and happy baby with a full tummy. I’ve also been on the side where, with the right support & guidance, we found ourselves exclusively breastfeeding and not just that, but enjoying it too! Not only was my baby calm and happy, but so was I, and that is just as important as a full tummy.

They say ‘fed is best’ and it goes without saying that all every mother wants is a baby who is fed. But it’s ok to want more than fed. We want a mentally well mother, an informed, supported and happy mother too. A mother who is feeling emotionally and physically well as she feeds her baby, whether that be by breast, bottle, donated milk or formula (or a combination of all!). A mother who is able to surrender to the ebbs and flows of feeding, knowing what is normal and what’s not. A mother who is encouraged to trust her instincts, and who knows where and who to go to, to get excellent help and guidance.

My successful breastfeeding journey came with so many tears, engorged boobs, nipple thrush, bleeding nipples and some really dark days, but what made this experience entirely different from my first was the knowledge I had gained, and the warm encouragement I received when I just wanted to stop.

I see ALL of you feeding mums. You are all absolutely amazing, please don’t doubt it for a second! If you are pregnant and wanting to breastfeed your baby, or you’re sitting there with a new baby in your arms, struggling to know where to go, these accounts are excellent... Please add your own favourites in the comments below Sending love to all of you this week, and every week!

Breast feeding
Breast feeding


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