• Lucy Flow

Evolution - move your pelvis!

Evolution is one of my favourite topics, & I have an amazing book I love to constantly go through, all about the evolution of the female. Then, last night, I discovered the amazing @netflix documentary ‘Sex Explained’ with an episode talking all about childbirth. I was in heaven going over all of the facts I so love about birth 💛

When we look at the pelvis and childbirth, it’s taken a lot of change to get us walking upright. Mostly it’s our pelvis that’s adapted, becoming narrower in its shape and size. We have also become more intellectual and grown larger brains 🧠(and they’d be even bigger if we could allow it- I’ll explain another time!) but, this is where the process gets a little trickier for us than if used to be.... our heads are now bigger and our pelvis smaller! So, naturally, childbirth is far more of a tight squeeze than it used to be (and perhaps now you’ll understand why moving your pelvis during labour is SO important for birth! We need to help our babies come out!)

We shouldn’t forget that evolution has got us here for good reason, and we ARE still designed to give birth. We just need some help doing so, in the form of education 📚 In a few days I’m going to share with you my favourite books and resources for educating yourself on childbirth and how to make your birth experience a positive one, because it is totally possible for all of us to feel great about the birth we had. If you haven’t watched this documentary, I highly recommend it! There is nothing more incredible than Mother Nature!