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Pregnancy Yoga benefits!

How could Yoga during pregnancy benefit you? 🧘‍♂️ The list is endless... Yoga has powerful effects on our mind as well as our body, which is why it’s the perfect programme to follow at such an important time in your life 😍 while your body is going through extreme (and beautiful) changes, and your life is taking a new turn. We are overloaded with choices, advice, stories, worries, anxieties, poor sleep 😴achey bodies, nausea & fatigue.... and the good news is, yoga can help you address ALL of that 🎉 Did you know, about 70% of women try Yoga for the first time when they are pregnant!? There’s just something about pregnancy that draws us to connecting with ourselves more than ever.

Benefits of doing yoga during your pregnancy
Benefits of doing yoga during your pregnancy

My online Yoga classes offer over 5 hours worth of Yoga sequences, birth preparation content, breathing techniques and express stretches. All are designed to be done at home, with lots of modifications on offer for different ability levels, and different sequences to suit how you feel, and what you need. All of my online classes help you to slow down, learn about your body, stay mobile, maintain strength, connect to your baby and prepare for birth. Take a look at the class list on our website & gain access for very reasonable prices, as little as £14 for one month, or £39 for 6 months access. It’s a no brainer 🤷‍♀️information and to join our classes! 💛


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