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What is the importance of a positive birth?

If you follow lots of birth workers on social media such as hypnobirthing teachers, yoga teachers, Doulas & midwives (all of which are my favourite accounts to follow 💛) you’ll probably have seen the phrase ‘positive birth’ countless times by now. So, why do we all harp on about the importance of a positive birth? Why can’t we just all get over it!? 🤷‍♀️

Positivity in childbirth
Put your positive pants on

The impact of birth can be so huge on a woman’s physical & mental health, & can be carried with her for a long time. If a woman has a traumatic birth, the implications can be damaging for mind and body, and in some cases women may feel that they just can’t go through it again, choosing not to have more children through fear of her experiences being repeated. This just totally breaks my heart 💔 To think of a traumatic birth that could have gone so differently, makes me want to work more and more with women to ensure that they feel like they WANT to go through birth again. I think, even if a birth plan goes totally off it’s desired path (and whose birth plan doesn’t!?), as long as a woman feels like she is calm, in control, owning her birth 💪 & being treated like the goddess she is, then she will feel it was a positive experience. This isn’t about having the natural water birth we may want, or the homebirth we have our heart set on. It’s about feeling confident that however birth happened, it made her feel empowered, in control & respected. And that’s what a positive birth truly is 🙌 So, why on earth would birth workers want to talk about anything other than a positive birth experience!? The thought of a woman feeling unable to go through childbirth again for the risk of another trauma, is enough of a reason for me to help educate you all on how to prepare for a wonderful birth experience, and WANT to do it all over again 🥰 To soak up some all important birth positivity, head on over and follow @milli.hill and the @positivebirthmovement for wonderful stories and even meet ups in your own town! We are surrounded by birth positivity, and you all deserve to feel as excited as possible at such an incredible time 😍5d📷


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