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What to pack in your hospital bag (and what to leave at home!) LIVE TALK

Packing the hospital bag is definitely one of the late-pregnancy rituals, but sometimes it can cause a bit of a fluster deciding what you’ll need and what you won’t! There is nothing wrong with getting excited about hospital bag packing! Keep it simple, strip it back, and label, label, label! The last thing a labouring woman needs is to be thinking about where the hair bands are! Here we talk about what is needed for you, your partner and your baby, and you can add to this as much as you like! We talk through some important hacks and go over some of the items that just aren’t needed right away. Let me know what item you didn’t realise you’d need 👇 For me it was my flannel - did I mention I love a flannel 😉🤣 Thanks for joining me everyone for a really lovely, uplifting chat! ❤️


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