• Lucy Flow

Breastfeeding - what a journey!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

If you had told me on this day 👆 that I would be breastfeeding for the next 18 months, I would never have believed you. But here I am, and what a journey it has been for me in so many ways!

On this day 18 months ago I was about to go into labour, and I had spent my pregnancy saying to friends that I really wanted to breastfeed this time, after my first son’s journey got cut shorter than I wanted. When my second baby was born, he latched quickly and we had an hour long feed on my sofa while the midwives brought me tea and cinnamon bagels (the beauty of a homebirth!) 😋 I remember feeling so passionate about wanting to breastfeed him that it became the fuel and fire I needed when I went through what I can only describe as absolute agony, for the next three weeks.