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The Jump from one to two

I refer to ‘the jump from one to two’ a lot when talking to families expecting their second baby and asking for advice, because it really can feel like that - a huge leap into a different realm. One minute you’ve got the routine with one child licked, the relationship is blossoming, mum life is under control and you seem to have found some tranquility (well, as much tranquility as can be expected as a mum of any amount of children!). You may even be lucky enough to sneak some, dare I say it.... time ⏰ into your days and a spring back in your step. Then, one day.... BOOM. There are two of them. TWO little humans 👩‍👦‍👦

Jumping from one child to two!
Jumping from one child to two!

Now I don’t know about you, but adding a second child into the mix totally knocked me sideways. It was like I’d given birth to 42 other children without even knowing it, and I still can’t figure out why it felt like SUCH a jump! I was seriously sleep deprived, struggling with feeding at first, struggling with lack of control & basically felt like I was drowning for about 6 months, not that I’d realised it. Everywhere I looked there was a pile of laundry, an unopened box (because of course, we had moved house 🏠 only months before) a damp breastpad, a million packs of baby wipes and endless cartoons on the tv. The need for control was desperate but I knew I had to let it go. It’s hard, really hard, and if you are reading this nodding your head, then know that I see you ✊ So mama, I just wanted to let you know today that some months from now (and I wish I could tell you how many) you will start to come out of that fog. You’ll start to feel a flicker of energy reappear and maybe even know where you last saw that thing you’ve lost again 🙄 You’ll go out and feel your shoulders have dropped, your jaw is softer and your frown has lifted slightly. You’ll think to yourself ‘oh. It’s got a tiny bit easier’, and you won’t know when it happened. Go easy on yourself lovely, and breathe away that ball of knackered tension. Life will change again, and then again, and it will begin to feel much better. I promise you ❤️


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