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Lucy Flow on Youtube

Lucy has created a range of taster yoga classes on  her Youtube Channel to help pregnant and postnatal mamas on their pregnancy and postnatal journeys.

Fifteen minutes of calm and serenity through Yoga. Suitable for all - pregnant, postnatal and everyone in between, find some space for your body and your mind. We all struggle to make time for ourselves in our busy lives, so join me for just 15 minutes of self love & and yoga. 

birth talks

Beginning during the first Covid lockdown, Lucy began filming her Flow Down Birth Talks. These have become a hugely watched resource with information on all topics birth! Talks include: 

The Physiology of Birth  (essential for anyone who is pregnant!),
Birth Plans & Preferences - Where to start!
Birth CHOICES and finding your voice!
Pain relief during Childbirth
What to pack in your hospital bag!  

Having a second baby?! 

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