WELCOME! I’m LUCY, a mum of two, and a Yoga teacher specialising in Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Preparation. I’m on a mission to help women feel great during their pregnancies, and prepare for active labours and upright births, giving them an empowered and positive experience!

After years of teaching women in my face-to-face classes, I have now designed a complete online pregnancy yoga course, for anyone in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. Watch and practice in the comfort and convenience of your own home. These classes will not only help your body to feel at its best during this special time, but will flood you with information on how to prepare for birth with breathing, movement and prenatal yoga.


Feel better during your pregnancy and JOIN HUNDREDS OF OTHER WOMEN who are are currently using LUCY FLOW'S ONLINE PREGNANCY YOGA STUDIO.  With over 5 hours of content, viewable on a phone, tablet, computer and (most) Smart TV's at your convenience.

Watch the classes as many times as you'd like. There are 10 full length classes to choose from as well as additional exercises/stretches and other birth preparation content.

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, we have a package to suit you! And if you are looking to buy a gift for a pregnant friend or relative, then we have that covered too! To gain access to the studio, members can either subscribe for £17/month (cancel at ANYTIME) or buy membership access for a 3 month (£35) or 6 month (£47) period. 

Latest reviews and testimonials...

Actually I’m really really grateful for your online yoga!! I’m 15 weeks pregnant and your yoga is making the world of difference to my every day...‘routine of some sort’. I’ve been doing it daily for the last ten days and feel soo much better for it!! Helping both physically and mentally during this anxious time to be pregnant. So, thank you it’s such a great course 💕


I've recommended you to several pregnant friends. I'm due in 4 weeks and you've been a huge help to me. I'm practising hypnobirthing but your yoga sessions are fab particularly during lockdown, and you are so lovely to listen to for advice and help about labouring. So reassuring and informative. So thank you - you are helping so many women 💜


Hey Lucy !! I’m so grateful to have found your platform on Instagram - I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my first. I’ve registered for your online classes and they have been so amazing thank you !


Hi Lucy, I can not thank you enough for your advice and voice note, it was like you were there with me the whole way, when my contractions were too much for me I could hear you telling me to blow the candles hard. I managed to get her to turn by doing all fours through the first lot of gel🎉🎉 and she was born this morning at 12.18am with three puffs on gas and air and that was only to stop me from tearing. Your yoga class moves inspired me to move and find what my body felt comfortable and easing. I just cant believe she is here and I'm home. After such a difficult and disappointing first birth and doctors and midwives saying fear would take over me and I wouldn’t be able to get my head round birth for a second birth, you gave me the confidence and knowledge to go with my heart and I did it x


Hi Lucy, I caught up on your flow down yesterday and honestly, I just find your videos so empowering. Especially at the moment where women aren't able to attend midwife appointments and with there being so much uncertainty, you're providing really uplifting information and guidance so women can make positive informed choices, I love it! I've been so anxious about giving birth and just my pregnancy in general, but each flowdown I watch, I feel more empowered and confident about having an active birth and making sure my choices and voice are heard! I also joined your online yoga classes a few weeks ago, and am loving them! 


Thank you for all that you are doing. This is our first baby (a rainbow after 15 years), I’m 41 (which I get reminded of a lot) and the first and probably only grandchild for both of our families. All babies are special but this one has been wanted for such a looong time . It’s so sad that the anxiety around everything happening safely in these times is real. But you have helped squash that anxiety for me so much. I can’t thank you enough XxxSo, I just wanted to say thank you 😃💕 xx


Lucy, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say that I delivered a healthy little boy on Monday at 38 weeks ( my first). I started following your page in the last 3 weeks and tuned in to your live talks about breathing techniques in labour! How thankful I was to have heard your tips about up breathing and down breathing and having a active birth. During my labour I used your advice and drank in that oxygen in every contraction. Your words were so helpful and kept me focused. My labour progressed so quickly at home that I had baby within 10 mins of arriving at the hospital. Thank you so much for what you do! Xxx


Hi Lucy, I’m one of your online members and just wanted to say how much the yoga and the lives chats you are doing are helping me! I’m starting my Hypnobirthing course next week and that along with your yoga is making me much more confident that I can have a positive birth experience this time round! My labour with my daughter was 42 hours long so I’m hoping with your birth position tips it will be quicker this time X


Thank you so much, I really enjoyed every class you did and I've recommended you to many people ❤️❤️ thanks for all your help and keep up the good work xx

Brilliant as always Lucy! You honestly help me so much with my birth fears. I wish I’d found you sooner and perhaps I’d have babies already. But either way I’m so grateful you’re sharing your knowledge, thank you! 💗



Hi Lucy, I joined your membership for 3 months and I’m loving it! I’m doing it everyday & your flow downs are brilliant. You have such passion that really inspires!


Thank you so much for your talk this morning. All my classes got cancelled so this has helped me feel more confident and comfortable about birth. I've been doing your online classes since I was 20 weeks and I am now 35 and I feel great. This is my first baby and I think a lot of "new Corona mums" are feeling quite anxious because we have missed out on so much but you have helped to keep me calm and focused ❤


Hi Lucy just want to say thank you for your posts, lives and online yoga 💛. I had, before my pregnancy and much of it, thought that pregnancy and Labour was something that was going to happen to me, and now I know it’s something my body, baby and I are going to do, feel much more empowered! Plus slept really well last night after your bedtime flow !


Lucy, I can’t tell you how well I’ve slept last two nights babe! Before that I was up 6/7 times a night, all restless your bedtime flow is life right now. 


Hi Lucy, just wanted to message as I’ve just watched your birthing yoga video to prepare for labour and birth and although I’ve got 4 months to go, I feel excited?! Your technique and teaching has made me feel like it’s the simplest technique but can be done whatever situation the day brings. Just wanted to say thanks. There’s so many birthing videos, apps, hypnobirthing etc but your approach I feel is everything I need to know! I am so comfortable and relaxed in the lunge position when I practice I’m hoping this is how I’ll be able to give birth! Thank you ❤️


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the course. This is my second pregnancy and I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with caring for my toddler in a small flat with no garden, and getting so many more aches and pains than first time around. But in a few days of doing some of the flows I feel a million times better both mentally and physically. Thank you!


Thank you for all your live sessions! I have been watching them with my husband and not only have you helped me to let go of my fear around birth but you have also helped my husband with his fear of watching me give birth. He’s gone from believing that he’s going to faint, to wanting to do the active birth positions and breathing with me during labour 😊 X


Lucy, thank you for all your positivity and support. Your work is inspiring to women out there, is helping me gain the confidence I need at this time and I'm enjoying pregnancy 💕


Been doing the late pregnancy flow (I’m 35 weeks) every single day and I feel the best I’ve felt throughout my whole pregnancy! Wish I’d started it sooner!


Yes it’s great, I’m 21weeks just now and just feel much more settled and relaxed after a flow. This is my first pregnancy and wasn’t really sure what to expect and have heard all sorts of stories about labour but watching your live today and doing my flows I feel like if I continue to do yoga, I will feel more relaxed about it all which is obviously even more important with everything that’s going on just now. So thank you very much for making my pregnancy a more enjoyable experience 😊 xx

Brilliant as always Lucy! You honestly help me so much with my birth fears. I wish I’d found you sooner and perhaps I’d have babies already. But either way I’m so grateful you’re sharing your knowledge, thank you! 💗

I have been enjoying the videos so much! I have always been super insecure towards my body, after finding out my pregnancy I had so many doubts and fears... but by watching your lives and doing the flow classes I started to feel much more empowered! I would like to say a big, big thank you!!! 💕💕💕