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Active Labours

Being active during your labour can significantly shorten the amount of time 🕒 you are labouring for, and completely reduce your discomfort, or pain levels, by helping your baby 👶🏻 to shift and wiggle on the inside, into a different position. Like anything, you need to have an idea of what these positions are, how they feel, and how to carry them out, by practising them in advance

My online classes include countless active birth positions like this, with clear explanations and demonstrations, as well as lovely Yoga sequences to open your body, gently stretch the muscles & prepare you to come into these positions when you need to. I teach this movement here 👆 in most of my classes, as a low lunge or a gentle hip opener. Doing this position in labour would help your baby come into a better position 👍 if he/ she were laying a little awkwardly, and would allow gravity to bring their head deeper down. I also have the use of the pool to push down on and carry my weight, and the step helps me to elevate my knee and leg into a beautiful place for my pelvis to open. Just perfect! ✅

Being active during birth can reduce your time in labour
Being active during birth can reduce your time in labour

Access to my online classes is available on my website. Let’s get you active for a more comfortable birth!


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