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Lower body strength for an active birth

Today I did some filming for a very exciting video coming your way soon 🤩 In this video I am demonstrating some active birth positions, and it reminded me how important it is to maintain your lower body strength throughout pregnancy, to support your growing bump and prepare you for an active birth 👶🏻

Girl squating during labour
Lower body strength for an active birth

Squatting is a really effective birth position, because of the positioning of your pelvis, and the use of gravity helping your baby’s head to move downwards. Positions like this can really shorten the time you’re in labour as your baby will be so encouraged, by you and your body, to be born 💛

Squatting requires a lot of lower body strength 💪 in your quadriceps & your glutes. Yoga postures like this goddess pose I am showing here 👆 will ensure you maintain this strength, so that your muscles are in good condition to use these birth positions when the day arrives. Remember, labour is named that for a reason. It’s a job your body needs to do, and like any physical event, your body needs to be prepared 🙌 Would you sign up to run a marathon without training for it? No! So why should birth be any different?


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