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Preparing for Breastfeeding LIVE TALK

If you are choosing & hoping to breastfeed your baby when they arrive, it’s a brilliant idea to get prepared in advance of their birth.

As a mum who felt let down with her first feeding experience, I went into my second experience feeling more determined than I have ever felt. What I realised was that educating myself about feeding, getting the right help and managing my own expectations, were all vital parts of getting us sorted. How do you know it’s going well? How do you know if there is a problem? How do you know.... any of it?.... Join me live as I share some mum-to-mum tips AND give you some information on where you can find excellent resources online and in your local community to ensure you have excellent support with your feeding desires.

👇 Be sure to tag your pregnant friends below and get ready to soak up some breastfeeding information* *note, I will also be discussing bottle feeding to some degree & will share my formula feeding experience at a later date ❤️ Questions welcome, always! Feel free to post them below or to DM me.


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